Round Recessed Motion Sensor

Round Recessed Motion Sensor


Round Recessed Motion Sensor fits into a 10mm cut-out and has a 30 second delay. Enjoy light long enough to find a light switch or use as a guide into a small area, such as a closet, washroom, or pantry. Lighting up a stairwell has never been this easy.

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Round Recessed Motion Sensor

Tired of having to find a switch in the dark?

Need light just long enough to grab a small item?

This Round Recessed PIR motion sensor will activate based on infrared motion. The sensor eye activation makes it an easy choice where light is needed upon entry into an area. Its small size, ease of install and hands-free capabilities are perfect solutions for front entrances, mudrooms, hallways, bathrooms, garages and closets. Avoid having the lights on for extended periods of time with the automatic shut off feature. The PIR eye motion sensor will give you 30 seconds of light, the perfect amount of time to find the switch if additional light is necessary.

Please note that the maximum capacity is 30 watts or 60 watts for a 12V or 24V DC system, respectively.

Very small and inconspicuous
The recess cut out is 10mm
PIR Motion Sensor- activates with animate motion only

Input Voltage: 12 or 24V DC
Current: 2.5A
Maximum Capacity: 30 watts for a 12V DC system; 60 watts for a 24V DC system
Factory Set Delay: 30 seconds
Recess Cut-out: 10mm
Diameter of light: 15mm


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