G9 to E26 Adapter

G9 to E26 Adapter


Convert a G9 base to accept an E26 medium screw type base LED bulb.

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G9 to E26 Adapter

Are you looking to convert your G9 base to E26? This G9 to E26 Adapter is used to easily convert a G9 base to a standard E26 medium screw-type base. Suitable for use in fixtures at home, office, or garage when you need to replace a 25W halogen. You can switch it out easily without any hassle with this G9 to E26 Adapter.

Note: This adapter has a plastic housing so this should only be used with low-heat LED bulbs and NOT with hot halogen bulbs.  We have a variety of bulbs in stock in-store and online. You can check it out at www.ledlightscanada.com

Choosing the correct LEDs can be confusing. We want you to get the perfect products to complete your project. Do you have any questions? Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We will assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll-Free at +1 800-677-2698 or email. We are here to help. LED Lights Canada has been helping Canadians for over 15 years and we are glad to share our experience with you.

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Use with low heat LED bulbs only
2 year warranty


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