2 Conductor 20 Gauge Wire (10 ft)

2 Conductor 20 Gauge Wire (10 ft)


Use this two conductor 22 gauge wire to connect between your series of single colour low voltage LED lights

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2 Conductor 20 Gauge Wire (10 ft)

Use this 20 gauge stranded 2 conductor wire to connect your single colour LED lights to a dimming controller, or power transformer.

  • See the available options for manual control, and phone compatible dimmers.
  • This wire is to be used for low voltage applications only.
  • Black and Red conductors melded together
  • Can be spliced using crimp connectors or marettes

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Two wire- Colour coded: Black, Red
AWG: 20 gauge wire
Stranded wire
Type AWM: 1007: Single conductor, thermoplastic-insulated wire for each of two wires


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