RGB Wall Controller

RGB Wall Controller

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RGB Touch panel controller designed to fit in a standard Canadian single gang box or Low Voltage drywall wall ring. Colour touch wheel with 19 programmed dynamic modes works with both 12V or 24V low voltage RGB LED lights.

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RGB Wall Controller

This black RGB Wall Controller fits into a standard North American single gang electrical box or it can be used with a standard single gang low voltage drywall ring. The beautiful glass panel design uses a high precision capacitance touch control chip. This controller also works with both 12V DC or 24V DC low voltage systems. Therefore, this controller works with RGB LED flex strip, RGB puck lights or any other dimmable RGB LED light source. Each controller has a maximum output of 144 watts at 12V and 288 watts at 24 volts.

The touch panel features a colour touch wheel for changing to static colours and a dynamic mode touchpoint for changing to one of the 19 different programmed effects. There is also a touchpoint to cycle through 20 different static modes and a brightness and speed slide control. In the center of the colour touch wheel is the on/off point. Easy low voltage installation and a beautiful high tech design make this controller your top choice for an RGB wall controller.

RGB Wall Controller Wiring
Simple Low Voltage wiring


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Working Temperature: -20C to -60C
Supply Voltage: 12V DC ~ 24V DC
Output Voltage: 12V DC ~ 24V DC
Output: 3 Channel
Connection Mode: Common Anode
External Dimension: L74 X W120 X H41.8mm
Static Power Consumption: <1W Output Current: <4A (each channel)
Caution: Electrical code does not allow low voltage wiring to be run in the same electrical box as line voltage. Please follow all electrical codes when installing this product or consult with a qualified electrician.
Output Power: 12V<144W, 24V<288W

2 reviews for RGB Wall Controller

  1. Nash Radovanovic (verified owner)

    Not excellent but good enough and one of a kind, so if you’re looking for a wall box controller, this is it. Much more convenient to install in residential locations – fits into standard electrical box and looks like an old ipod (although with rainbow colours), but it’s intuitively placed where the light switches go. It starts conversations. Good concept… “touch screen” (it’s actually glass) is finicky, but it eventually works. Worth putting up with it’s temperament…

  2. Nash Radovanovic (verified owner)

    – dubious quality (1 out of 4 DOA)
    – unreliable interface
    – for a “touch” interface, it’s so simple that made me chuckle when I opened it up – if you do, you’ll understand why it has limited functionality
    – front glass is glued to the case, so one has to cut it open in order to mount it (ie get to the screw holes), then, I guess, figure out the way to glue it back on – anyone heard of a snap-on cover? Dozen examples in the North American market… or just plain, simple screw holes…
    – if you pry/cut-free the front glass, the glue will take black paint off the glass back with it, hence, you’ll see speckles (or chunks) missing.
    – all in all: good try, but no cigar

    Comments from Admin:
    The controllers do snap apart to access the screw holes. You should not have to “pry” off the glass. There is a small slot in the middle of the back of the plate where a small screwdriver will allow you to snap the 2 pieces apart. Instructions and pictures are provided with the instructions. We are sorry you had problems with these units and will gladly accept them for return and full re-payment. Our product all carry a 30 day 100% guarantee. We will call you to arrange the return

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