RGBWW 4 Zone Remote Control

RGBWW 4 Zone Remote Control


Choose your light effect with a light touch of the keys for this RGBWW remote control.

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RGBWW 4 Zone Remote Control

Set your preference of colours with this 2.4 G RGBWW 4 zone remote control. You can dim, select a pre-set program, or change the speed of the fade with a single touch. This is a great way to have all colour options and the range of white light (from warm white to cool white) in one simple-to-use touch remote. This remote control also has a night light feature that lights up its surrounding frame, making it easier to spot in the dark. Compatible with RGBWW controllers and LED lights.

Combine a series of RGBWW lights to one RGBWW controller to create one zone of the possible four zones of this convenient item. Once zones are assigned you can flex your control and have the areas synced or individually illuminated. Bring new attention to a piece of artwork, alcove, water feature, bar or anything you can imagine.

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Control brightness, speed, colour option and grouping of RGBWW LED lights
9 Pre-set Dynamic Programs
Used with RGBWW controller

Radio Frequency: 2.4 G
Battery Requirement: 2 x AAA


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