RGB Mini Controller

RGB Mini Controller

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RGB Mini Controller with 21 dynamic modes and 20 static modes. Supplies with solderless connector for easy installation to RGB flex strips.

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RGB Mini Controller

Adding RGB LEDs to your vehicle or boat? This controller is perfect to tuck away in a headliner or siding.

This RGB Mini Controller is perfect for those tidy installs. It works with 5-24V DC RGB Flex strips. This Mini Controller uses a micro control unit to control a variety of RGB lights, most commonly with RGB flex strips. The controller installs inline between the 12V power source and the lights. The package includes a 4-pin solderless RGB connector for easy attachment to the flex strip.

There is a lot packed into this mini kit. You have control of 21 dynamic modes including flash and fade with the mode key and 20 static colours with the colour key. The center button controls the speed in the dynamic modes and brightness in the static modes.

Due to the small size of this RGB controller you are limited to no more than 72 watts of output.

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Working Temperature: 020 – -60 C
Supply Voltage: 5-24V DC
Output: 3 Channels
Connection mode: Common Anode
Controller Dimension: L35.0 x W15.0 x H4.5mm
Static Power: <0.5W
Output Current: <2A (each channel)
Output Power: 5V< 30W, 12V <72W, 24V <144W

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  1. josh fairbrother (verified owner)

    I’m definitely considering investing in a more expensive one because it’s really hard to configure the lights with this unit… But for six bucks you can screw around with it and change it up and maybe you’ll get the color or speed you’re looking for maybe you won’t. Perhaps it will get easier the more I play with it

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