Universal Remote for White Wall Touch Panel

Universal Remote for wall controllers
Universal Remote for wall controllers
Universal Remote for White Wall Touch Panel

Universal Remote for White Wall Touch Panel



Wherever you find yourself within the space you have created with LED Lighting, use this remote to control the associated wall panel controller. Whether it is a single colour or CCT changing colour light system installed, you will be able to utilize all the features available to you in the matching wall control.

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Universal Remote for Wall Touch Panel

This factory pre-programmed universal remote will work with any of our mono dimming and CCT changing wall touch panels.

The radio frequency receiver is pre-installed in the various types of wall touch panel units so no pairing is necessary. Just insert batteries and you are ready to control your lights with your remote or your wall touch panel.

Available features change between the different types of wall panel controllers. Since night light and delay-off features are not available with the RGB white wall controller panel. The functions are programmed for the different types of wall controllers. Please review your choice of the touch panel to see which features this remote will control.

  • Adjust Brightness, Speed, Static modes
  • Enter Night mode (Single colour and CCT)
  • Choose Delay-off (Single colour and CCT)
  • Sleek, black, designer appearance

For any questions you may have, call 1-800-677-2698. We are here to help.

If you live in Canada, we are delighted you have made the choice to “put your money where your house is”. LED lights Canada has been here helping Canadians for over 15 years and we are glad to share our experience with you.

Radio Frequency: 2.4 G
Battery Requirement: 2 x AAA (not included)
Auto paired with Wall Panel Dimmer control and CCT Wall Panel controller


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