Lotus 6 inch Regressed Round LED Pot Light

Regressed 6" Round Lotus LED
Regressed 6" Round Lotus LED
Lotus 6 inch Regressed Round LED Pot Light

Lotus 6 inch Regressed Round LED Pot Light



Regressed to Reduce the Beam Angle

Like many products from our Lotus line these IC rated regressed 6 inch LED panel lights do not require a pot light housing. The difference is in the better and brighter LED Panel inset into the light housing so that the light is not directly in your line of vision when looking up. You still only need 2 1/4 inches clearance to install. Save time and money on your recessed lighting.

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Lotus 6 inch Regressed Round LED Pot Light

This Lotus 6 inch Regressed Round LED Pot light offers the same beautiful and contemporary styling as the flat panels.  Regressing the light reduces the direct light of LED panels that are flush with the ceiling surface. When we tucked the LED panel surface into the housing it reduces the beam angle from 110 to 92 degrees.

This 17W model offers a brighter light than our flush mount 6 inch models. It is a great option for those higher ceilings and outside soffits. But as with most of our Lotus products this 6 inch round regressed LED Pot Lights installs without needing a standard “Pot Light Can”. You can place this light almost anywhere since it only requires 2 1/2 inches of above ceiling clearance.

Traditional recessed lighting uses a “pot light can” that installs in the ceiling to hold the bulb and the trim ring. If you are planning a renovation, building a new house or adding additional light to your home you can now position your recessed lighting exactly where you want it.

Both the light and built-in driver are IC rated which means they are approved for direct contact with insulation. Colour temperature choices are 2700K Warm White or 4100K Natural White. Standard trim colour is white. Black trims are also available by special order.

Have the freedom to put your regressed LED Pot Light almost anywhere you want!

No POT Light can required, IC Rated
Only 17 watts
Just 2 1/4″ clearance needed
Side lit so you do not see the LEDs
Rated to -40C
Isolated LED Driver in the light
Light Temperature: 2700K Warm White & 4100K Natural White
Lumens: 1000, Warm White; 1050, Natural White
Equivalent to 75W Halogen
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White & Black available
6″ Rough in Plates available for new construction
Warranty: 10 Year Residential; 5 Year Commercial
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Download the full specs: LL6RR


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