Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Light

Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Light


Easy Install…No Pot Light Can Required

These IC rated 9W 4 inch LED panel lights do not require a pot light housing. No limit on placement of your lights since they only need 2.5 inches clearance to install. Save time and money on your recessed lighting.

Available in 3000K warm white, and 4000K natural white, in White trim. Alternative trim options are available for special order.

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Lotus 4 inch Super Thin LED Pot Light

Move away from the traditional “pot light can” and use this 9W Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Light. Without the can, installation is quick and easy. If you are planning a renovation, building a new house or thinking of adding lights to your home, these are the perfect worry-free addition to your space.

The half-inch thick “RCS” model offers a bright light that is ideal for standard height ceilings and in areas with limited space. Since they only require 2 1/2 inches of clearance, you can work around heating ducts, plumbing, gas pipes and vents. Thus, the Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Light is a good choice for basement renovations.

These pot lights have approval to operate at -40C. They are perfect for soffit lighting without worrying about the cold affecting the lights, especially with our Canadian winters!

Both the light and the junction box are IC Rated allowing for direct contact with insulation. Each light panel comes with its own junction box to hold the dimmable driver. Your line voltage splice can be placed in the separate compartment within the junction box.

There are two colour temperature choices: 3000K Warm White or 4100K Natural White. The trim finishes come in White, Black and Brushed Nickel. Alternate trim options besides white are available by special order.

It is time to put your lights where you want them without compromise. Tell them to do away with the “can” and put light where you want it.

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No POT Light  housings are required, IC Rated
Just 2.5″ clearance needed
Power: 9W
Equivalent to 50W Halogen
Side lit so you cannot see the LEDs
Rated to -40C
Isolated LED Driver inside the junction box
Colour Temperature: 3000K Warm White, 4100K Natural White
Lumen Output: 550lm 3000K, 600lm 4100K
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White, Black and Brush Nickel available
4″ Rough-in Plates available for new construction
6′ and 20′ low voltage extension cables available
Warranty: 10 Year Residential; 5 Year Commercial
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
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