Dawn Ray Colour Select Pot Lights

Dawn Ray Colour Select Pot Lights


Choose your Colour Temperature- Today or Tomorrow. Select the light colour of your choice with these colour adjustable LED Pot Light replacements. No pot light can required.

Five-in-one white light colour options to match your space. Choose from 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K white light. Dial in your selected colour using the simple 5-position switch on the included connection box and finish the installation.

Two sizes to suit your preferences: 15W 6-inch, and 24W 8-inch

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Dawn Ray Colour Select Pot Lights

Don’t understand LED colour options but still want to make the switch?

If you can’t decide what tone of white light you want, use the Dawn Ray Colour Select Pot Lights and choose DURING installation.

Use this colour select LED panel for general lighting within any space. The ability to change the colour temperature from warm to natural to cool white allows you to choose the perfect match for your home.

Colour temperature has a large impact on how we feel, so having the ability to change the light colour is a great advantage. You may want Natural White in the kitchen but Warm White in your home theatre. With a flick of the switch on installation, you can make the right choice. Take your house from warm and cozy to cool and modern with a simple side switch built into the outside the connection box.

Like many other LED flat panel ceiling pot lights, install the Dawn Ray Colour Select Pot Lights without the need for pot cans and trims. Installation is very easy and takes no time at all.

Not suggested for use outdoors in less temperate climates ( did anyone say Canadian Winter?! ) since they are not rated below -20 Celsius. Suitable for use in damp locations. Dimmable when using a TRIAC dimmer. IC Rated, Energy Star Approved and carries a 5-year warranty.

Two sizes to suit your preference: 6-inch and 8-inch

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Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We will assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll Free at 800-677-2698 or email info@ledlightscanada.com. We are here to help.

Operating Temp.: -20C – 40C
Dimmable: YES
IP20, damp location
Isolated LED Driver inside the included junction box
Light Temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K.
Wattage: 6-inch: 15W | 8-inch: 24W
Lumen output: 6-inch: 1280 lumens | 8-inch: 2050 lumens
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White
Warranty: 5 Year
Mfg: Dawn Ray LED Lighting

All-in-One Five Colour Choices
No POT Light can is required, IC Rated
Low Wattage- Energy Efficient
Side lit so you do not see the LEDs

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