Lotus 3 inch Square Regressed Directional LED

Lotus 3 inch Square Regressed Directional LED

Quick and Easy Install. Ideal for sloped ceilings.

These IC rated regressed directional 3-Inch Square Regressed LED lights do not require a pot light housing. The bright light beam rotates 360 degrees allowing you to point your light exactly where you need it. Install your lights freely since they only need 5 inches clearance to install. Save time and money.

NEW 5CCT Colour Select option. Set your light colour between 2700K to 5000K DURING install by using a dip switch.

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Lotus 3 inch Square Regressed Directional LED

This Lotus 3 inch Square Regressed Directional LED pot light is the perfect accent light with a modern design. The fixture offers clean geometric lines and high light output from ceiling to floor. Using only 7.5 watts, this single Chip On Board (COB) LED offers a bright light in a small housing. It is an excellent option for alcoves, niches, bulkheads or shelving units. Please see the full specs sheet for the light spread at different heights.

For those who prefer a less visible light, this is a win by their standards. The COB LED is tucked back into the housing instead of flush to the ceiling, so the light is not as visible when you enter the room. As with any other Lotus product, this light is a single unit with an included dimmable driver. Gone is the need for trims and cans. This light requires only 2 inches of clearance if you mount the driver remotely, allowing you to install it almost anywhere.

Furthermore, both the light and driver carry the standard IC rating, which means these lights can be in direct contact with insulation or other combustible material. The colour temperature choices are 2700 Ultra Warm White, 3000K Warm White, or the new 5CCT Colour Select option. The 5CCT option allows you to change the colour between 2700K to 5000K DURING install, using a dip switch.

Trim options are White or Black.

Lotus lights come with a 10 Year Warranty for Residential installations and 5 Year Warranty for Commercial applications. The lifespan is 50,000 hours.

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No POT Light housing is required, IC Rated
Only 7.5 watts
5″ clearance needed
Powerful COB LED
Light Temperature: 2700 Ultra Warm White, 3000K Warm White & 4000K Natural White
Lumens: 380, 2700K Warm White; 400, 3000K Warm White; 430, 4000K Natural White
Equivalent to 60W Halogen
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White; Black available
Rated to -40C
Warranty: 10 Year Residential; 5 Year Commercial
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
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