Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Light

Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Light


Easy Install…No Pot Light Can Required

Use these IC rated 2 inch LED panel lights do not require a pot light housing. No limit on placement of your lights since they only need 2 inches clearance to install. Save time and money on your recessed lighting.

Available in 3000K warm white, and 4100K natural white, in White, Black, or Brushed Nickel trims.

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Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Light

No need for a pot can to install this Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Light. Use these petite “eyeball” lights to create beautiful effects in alcoves, bookshelves, and built-in shelving units. They are also often used over kitchen sinks. Imagine having a light above the kitchen sink that is inconspicuous and can focus the spotlight precisely where you need it. Add these to highlight your favourite piece of artwork.

Create more light in the area below a vaulted ceiling without having the light off-centre.

Both the light and the junction box are IC Rated, which allows for direct contact with insulation. The junction box comes with the panel light and holds the dimmable driver in an isolated compartment. This allows the line voltage splice to be in the same connection box. The driver sits typically beside the light, requiring only 5 inches of clearance. You can remote mount the gimbal using either six or a twenty-foot extension cable.

The Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Lights are rated to work down to -40 degrees Celsius. This feature makes them perfect for all sorts of outdoor conditions. The lights are also airtight and damp rated.

You can customize your light colour temperature and colour of trim to match the styling of your space. These lights come in either white, black and brushed nickel with a kelvin colour temperature choice of 3000K warm white or 4100K, natural white.

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No POT Light housing is required, IC Rated
Energy Efficient
5″ clearance needed
COB chip- High CRI >90
Isolated LED Driver inside the junction box
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White, Black and Brush Nickel available
6′ and 20′ low voltage extension cables available
Warranty: 10 Year Residential; 5 Year Commercial
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
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