LED RF Remote Dimmer

LED RF Remote Dimmer

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RF Dimmer with remote dims all of our low voltage products. Easy to operate with pre-set dimming levels and various delay-off settings. Battery operated remote control (battery included).

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LED RF Remote Dimmer

This RF (radio frequency) LED dimmer comes with a handheld remote that will dim and control any low voltage LED lights. Compatible with for 5V, 12V or 24V DC systems.

The dimmer will handle up to 96 watts at 12 volts, DC. If your lights are  LED lights installed, you can easily add dimming.  Just connect the dimming controller between the power supply and the LEDs. Because the dimmer uses an RFsignal, installing inside a cabinet is does not create a problem. Radio Frequency does not require a direct line of sight to work. Please remember that all RF controls should never mount inside a metal junction box as this will interfere with the RF signal from the remote.  You should always keep RF controllers away from metal.

The remote control offers features such as pre-set dimming levels and a quick delay-off option of 10, 30 and 60 seconds. These are excellent features for a theatre room that you want to dim once the movie starts and turn off after you have had enough time to exit the room.

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Pre-set Dimming Levels
Delay Off Options of 10,30, and 60 seconds
Manual Adjustment of Brightness
On and Off Power buttons
Battery included

Input Voltage: 5 – 24 Volts
Max Load: 8 Amps
Output: Single Channel
Output Power: 5V- 40 watts, 12V- 96 watts, 24V- 196 watts
Receiver Size: (L) 110 x (W) 56 x (H) 34mm
Dimming: 1-100%
Working Temperature: -20-60 C
Static Power Consumption: <1 watt
Connecting mode: Common Anode

11 button: on; off; brightness up; brightness down; 25, 50, 75 and 100% pre-set dim; 10, 30, and 60 second delay off
Battery: CR2025 (included)

3 reviews for LED RF Remote Dimmer

  1. Cunyet Zanbak, Slave Lake, AB

    Remote is easy to hook up and works well

  2. Tri Truong (verified owner)

    5 Stars!!

  3. Peter Bartrem (verified owner)

    all wired up and working. In a marine environment the connections should be more substantial than simply spring-locks. But worth what I paid.

    Company should find better delivery supplier. Canada Post just makes more work but not leaving it at the house – going out to get the part is a hassle – finding & paying for parking and the time – it’s a pain…

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