MiLight CCT 4 Zone RF Wall Panel

MiLight CCT 4 Zone RF Wall Panel


Add a classy touch panel to your space to control your lights and never lose the remote again.

This sensitive wall-mounted touch panel sends a radio signal to the controller to customize the colour temperature and brightness of your CCT LED lights.


  • Memory Function returns light to setting held before power was disconnected
  • Battery Operated
  • Capacitance Touch
  • 60 Second Delay-Off

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MiLight CCT 4 Zone RF Wall Panel

Use our MiLight CCT 4 zone RF wall panel to control your low voltage LED lights. Change or dim the colour temperature of your lights to reflect the task at hand or create a different mood. Use the delay-off feature to exit the room and have the lights shut off within 60 seconds. This controller is compatible with CCT 3-conductor low voltage LED lights.

Pair this wall panel to the CCT controller to remotely control up to four different centres of lights within a 30-meter area. Create and control each zone independently, or all together, using this sensitive touch capacitance panel. Please note that the controller is sold separately from the wall panel and the lights.

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Radio Frequency: 2.4 G
Size: 86 x 86 mm
Requires 2xAAA batteries
Input: 3V
Standby Power Consumption: 20uA
Control distance: 30 meters


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