LED Flexible Strip Lights – 5M/20M

LED Flexible Strip Lights – 5M/20M

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Single colour 5 meter indoor flex stocked in Ultra Warm White, Warm White, Natural White, Cool White, and Green. The 20 meter reels are available in Warm White, Natural White and Cool White.

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LED Flexible Strip Lights – 5M/20M

Say hello to our standard LED Flexible Strip Lights, which is cUL certified and made with white PCB.  We stock it in stock Ultra Warm White (2300K), Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4500K), Cool White (6000K), and Green.  20M rolls are available in Warm White, Natural White and Cool White.

Use LED flexible strip in virtually all indoor situations that need a thin strip light that is easy to apply and installed using the pre-applied 3M double-stick adhesive. Solderless connectors are available to add a wire lead or to splice two pieces together. There are also strip to strip corner connectors and a 90 degree L connector. This strip is 8mm wide.  It is now possible to put light where you thought it impossible before.

Our Flex strip can be with Solar Power or on Boats and RV systems powered directly off 12V DC batteries. Typical applications are cove lighting, toe-kicks, floating vanities and undercabinet lighting.
The strip can be cut every 3 LEDs along the visible cut line, allowing you to customize to your requirements. Inexpensive to operate and environmentally safe, these LEDs contain no mercury and produce
zero UV. This product isIP20 rated for indoor use only.

Size the LED driver according to the total watts used. The flex is 1.5W per foot. If you need assistance in sizing the correct driver please call us at 1-800-677-2698

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Available in the following Colours
Ultra Warm White (2300)
Warm White (3000K)
Natural White (4000K)
Cool White (6000K)

LEDs: 300 per 5 meter roll (16.4′), 1200 per 20 meter roll (65.6 ft)
Type: 300/1200 – 3528 SMD LEDs / roll
Voltage: 12 Volt DC Watts: 4.8W / Meter
PCB Colour: White Size: 8mm wide X 3mm high
Colours Stocked: Ultra Warm White (2300K), Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4500K), Cool White (6000K), Green
Application: Double Sided 3M tape
Light Spread: 120 degrees
Dimmable: YES
Lumens: 60 leds/m, 6-7LM per LED, 360-420LM per meter
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Indoor Use Only

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3 reviews for LED Flexible Strip Lights - 5M/20M

  1. Hansel Lafferty

    I install LED lighting in all the custom PC’s I build. Kits I usually buy are no longer available, so I bought these. These perform wayyy better than most! Extremely bright & can be cut every 3 LED’s. Simple 12volt which is what PC’s put out for lighting anyway. Simply solder red/black (+/-) wires to marked contact points after cutting. Huge 16.4ft. roll for any custom lighting, does multiple PC’s! First order running over 1 year & still performs like new, no dead LED’s. Extremely great product, fast shipping & great service! Going to try the RGB strips next! 🙂

  2. Matt Barrows (verified owner)

    Great product, does the intended job well.
    I didn’t think the strip would be so “naked” though. Some sort of plastic coating or covering to make the strip look “finished” would have been nice.

  3. Corrie Safar

    I would highly recommend these to anyone that wants a great product that easy to install. Nice light color and great sticking to underneath surfaces.
    Excellent seller as well!

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