Hi-Bright Goof Rings

Hi-Bright Goof Rings


Make up the difference between a cut-out hole that is too large and one of our pot lights with this metal goof ring. Available in 4,  6 and 8-inch.


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Hi Bright Goof Rings

When installing recessed LED pot lights, it is often the case that the hole size is a bit too wide. Use the Hi-Bright Goof Rings to make up the difference. Furthermore, you can use these goof rings to cover up any possible ceiling damages from the previous pot can removals.

The metal Hi-Bright Goof Rings are only available in a white finish, but can be re-painted to match either the light panel trim or the ceiling itself.

Currently available in the standard 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch sizes .The exact measurements for each option are readily available in the next page, under Tech Specs, to ensure compatibility with your installation.

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4″: OD- 5 3/4 inches; ID- 4 3/8 inches

6″: OD- 8 inches; ID- 6 7/16 inches

8″: OD- 10 1/12 inches; ID 8 1/4 inches




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