G9 LED Lamp Bulb

G9 LED Lamp Bulb

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4W G9 120V AC LED replaces a 40W halogen and is fully dimmable. Comes in a 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K colour temperature.

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G9 LED Lamp Bulb

Replace your 60W halogen bulbs in your decorative lighting with this G9 LED Lamp Bulb. The dimmable warm white 4-watt G9 bulbs produce 410 lumens. With the instant-on feature, there is no warm-up time with LED bulbs, so they light at full brightness as soon as they are switched on.

NOW available to purchase in a 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, and 6000K cool white as well. You will have a high-brightness multiple LED G9 bulb that will last for many hours of use.

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Three-year warranty
High Brightness
120V replacement for a 60W halogen

Base: G9
Size: 31 mm X 16mm (1.22″ X 0.63″)
Power Consumption: 4 Watts
Voltage: 110-130V AC
Lumens: 410 lumens
Colour: Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4000K and Cool White 6000K
Dimmable: Yes
Replaces: 60W Halogen
Environmental Impact: No Mercury, Lead Free, UV Free
Minimal Heat Output
3 Year Replacement Warranty
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