EEL 3 inch UltraThin Pot Light

EEL 3 inch UltraThin Pot Light


Replace those 3 Inch fixtures with an LED Panel flat panel. These IC rated 3-inch UltraThin panel lights do not require a pot light housing. Placement is not a problem since they only need 2″ clearance to install.

Available in 3000K warm white, and 4000K natural white in White trim. The Black trim option is available for special order.

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EEL 3 inch UltraThin Pot Light

This 6W EEL 3 inch UltraThin Pot Light will install without a standard “Pot Light Can.” Traditional recessed lighting uses a “pot light can” that mounts in the ceiling to hold the bulb and the trim ring. Placing recessed lighting exactly where you want it has always been a problem, especially during a renovation.

Traditional recessed lighting uses a “pot light can” that installs in the ceiling to hold the bulb and the trim ring. These cans have to be installed between the joists, therefore, limiting placement.

Have no worries about working around the heating ducts, plumbing, gas pipes, and vents since all you need is 2 inches of clearance to install this style of panel light. If you are very limited to ceiling space, this is the option for you. Do you need outside soffit lights or lights in a shower? These are suitable for use in wet locations for all types of installation sites.

These LED lights can be in direct contact with insulation because both the panel and the junction box having an IC Rating. The round back allows you to turn the light just the way you need to align a series of fixtures. The junction box comes with the panel light and holds the dimmable driver in an isolated compartment. Isolating the driver allows the line voltage splice in the same connection box.

Available in 3000K Warm White or 4000K Natural White. The standard trim colour is white. Black trims are also available for special order.

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Isolated LED Driver inside connection box
Light Temperature: 3000K Warm White & 4000K Natural White
Lumens: 360, Warm White; 400, Natural White
CRI: 80
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Equivalent to 35W Halogen
Trim Colour: Standard Trim White stocked, Black available for special order
OD: 3.75 ” x 2.75″
Cut-out: 3″
Thickness: 1″
Warranty: 5 Year
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Ambient Temperature: -40 to 40 degrees
Features: Air-Tight and WET location
10′ and 20′ low voltage extension cables available
5 Year Warranty- Rated for 50,000 hours
Does not require a metal housing
IC Rated for direct contact with insulation
Side lit, so you do not see the LEDs
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