Door/Touch IR Sensor Switch

Door/Touch IR Sensor Switch


The Door/Touch IR Sensor detects motion up to 10cm. Have the ability to change between Touch and Door mode using the built-in dip switch.

Available in White finish.

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Door/Touch IR Sensor Switch

Using the Door/Touch IR Sensor Switch, you can adjust the function between Door or Touch mode by turning the dip switch. The Universal IR sensor detects movement of up to 10cm. With the Door function, the light turns on when the sensor loses contact with the door. Conversely, the Touch function allows you to turn the light on/off with a quick hand motion.

The switch is compatible with 10-30V DC with a max of 2A. Easy to install by recessing into a 14mm cut-out. Furthermore, the plastic housing measures 9 x 15mm, which you can easily hide under a cabinet valance, in a closet, or beneath a stair trend. Ideal for use with cupboards, drawers, shelving units, and more.

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Power Supply: 10-30V DC
Max. Current: 2A
Cut-out to Recess: Ø14mm
Material: Plastic
Cable Length: 1 meter


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