Combination Running Man Exit Sign

Combination Running Man Exit Sign


Replace your combination running man exit sign with an LED model. Direct-wired and using only six watts of power. Two lamp heads producing 260 lumens.

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Combination Running Man Exit Sign

Replace your current Combination Running Man Exit Sign with an LED unit. Longer lasting with 2 hours of run time. Direct wire to 120-347V AC. It takes 20 hours to recharge the internal battery. Only consumes 2 watts of power. Accessory inserts are included and directed to the exit.

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2 hours Emergency Duration
Wall mount
Different accessory inserts included for directing traffic

Voltage: 120V-347V AC 50/60HZ
Watts: 6W
Dimensions: 13.2 x 12 x 3.15 inches Damp Location Rated
Warranty: 5 years
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