Salt Water Lantern

Salt Water Lantern

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This Salt Water Lantern has internal aluminum plates that react with saltwater and oxygen to produce electricity. Run the dimmable LED lights on low while you charge your electronics using the built-in USB port.

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Salt Water Lantern

Runs on Salt and Water!! No Battery or Solar Panel Needed

This fantastic Salt Water Lantern does not need to be recharged or have any batteries to replace. Simply replace the salt water to restart the chemical reaction that produces an electrical current to run the LEDs.

Set up is as easy as adding salt and water together in the compartments of the light, replacing the top portion of the lantern. Wait a few minutes, allowing the salt to dissolve and react with the replaceable aluminum plates. You will get up to 150 hours of light on a set of aluminum plates.

This saltwater lantern produces 350 lumens when set to full brightness, making it an excellent item for your boat, RV, camping kit or emergency pack. You can use this lantern instead of carrying a solar panel and an external battery. The 52500 mAh @ 4V capacity will charge your phone, tablet, or camera multiple times using the USB port. The lantern should be dimmed to low when charging your electronics.

One fill with the saltwater mix will light this lantern for up to 8 hours on full brightness. In our testing, we achieved a 14 hour run time with the lamp set to 1/2 power. That is with a mix of 12 oz of water and two teaspoons of table salt.

The smaller size, ergonomic handle and anti-slip grip sides make this lantern easy to travel with and re-position. DO NOT keep with the water in the lantern reservoirs during travel as the lantern is not sealed that tightly and accidental tipping will cause it to leak.

The lantern comes with one set of 4 aluminum plates and a measuring scoop for salt. When the light cycle finishes, the lamp will beep to remind you to turn it off and dispose of the saltwater. Mixing up a new solution is required to kickstart the chemical reaction again.  Available in Green color as well, If you want to order the Green one give us a call at +1 800-677-2698.

Clean up for a new cycle is quick and easy. Just rinse the plates and saltwater compartment under running water. All-natural and Eco-friendly!

Large 52500 mAh capacity
USB Port for charging mobile devices
Four Aluminum plates included
Plates last up to 150 hours

Replacement Plates

Power: Aluminum, Salt Water and Oxygen
Working Time: 6-8 hours at full brightness, up to 12 hours at half brightness
Light Output: 350 lumens
Dimmable: Yes
USB Output Voltage: 5 volts, 1 amp
Capacity: 52500 mAh @ 4V
Light Power: 210 Wh (5 watt)
IP Rating: Outdoor IP65
Dimensions: 20 x 9.3 x 9.3 cm
Available Trim Colour: Orange

1 review for Salt Water Lantern

  1. martin (verified owner)

    My expectations were kind of “basic” for a salt-aluminium-water battery……advertised performances and expectations expressed here about this product are not close to reality , so far , as per my tests and experience with the product….they are just…. WAY BEYOND !!! One water/salt recipe gave me over 2 hours of light a day for one week, plus able to charge a cell phone twice (5 to 10 % in about 15 min ). More tests to come , and seriously considering buying a second unit !

    • Sarah Ouwendyk

      Thank you so much for your feedback. We are excited to hear that the salt water lantern is exceeding your expectations! We love it just as much as you do.

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