Aluminum Plates for Salt Water Lantern

Aluminum Plates for Salt Water Lantern

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Set of Four replacement Aluminium plates for our Salt Water Lantern.

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Aluminum Plates for Salt Water Lantern

Plates last approximately 150 hours of use

These aluminum plates are part of the chemical reaction of our saltwater lantern that produces 350 lumens. Useful for those emergency situations or outdoor experiences. Great item for your boat, RV, camping kit and emergency pack. Use this instead of carrying a solar panel and external battery with a much lower capacity. The 52500 mAh @ 4V capacity will charge your phone, tablet, or camera multiple times using the USB port. These aluminum plates are replacements for the set of 4 that the lantern comes with. When the light cycle is almost done the lantern will beep to remind you to turn it off and replace the saltwater. Clean up for a new cycle is quick and easy. Just rinse the plates and saltwater compartment under running water. All-natural and Eco-friendly! Order online or call 800-677-2698 for more details. Set of Four plates Plates last up to 150 hours Generates 52500 mAh capacity.

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Quantity: Four Plates
Dimensions: 49 x 66 cm