30W Outdoor 12V DC CV LED Driver

Waterproof 30W, 12V DC LED Driver

30W Outdoor 12V DC CV LED Driver



30 watt LED Driver, 12V DC Constant Voltage. Rated for indoor and outdoor use

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30W Outdoor 12V DC CV LED Driver

This 30-watt outdoor 12V DV CV LED driver is waterproof. It is a sealed unit that is designed to be surface mounted. This driver does not have to be enclosed in a junction box. To determine the size driver you will need for your project just add up the watts of the total number of lights required. Don’t forget to include any lights you use inside your cabinets.
In many areas, you may want to switch some lights independent of each other. In this case, you would use a separate driver for each set of lights you want on their own switch. Speak to your electrician to determine which combination will work best for you or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This driver ships with a 42″ AC power cord with a moulded plug.

Please note: Maximum load should not exceed 25 watts


Size: 186X29X20mm, 7.3X1.14X0.79 inches
Input: 90-130V (50-60Hz)
Output: 12V DC (2.5 A), Constant Voltage
Maximum Watts: 30W
Maximum Load: 25W
Short Circuit and Overload protection
IP66 rated (indoor / outdoor use) Temperature: -25C – +50C
Protection: Class 2 18″ 12 V wire lead 42″ AC power cord with moulded plug
Surface Mountable


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