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Written By Harvey


April 11, 2014

LED Lights Canada would like to welcome to to our new blog.  We answer hundreds of questions from homeowners, contractors, electricians, architects and specifiers a month so we though it would be helpful to share some of the information we gladly provide when we receive a phone call or e-mail..  Using a blog to share this information seems like the best way to reach all sectors and it gives us all the ability to interact with each other.

Many of you have had both good and bad experiences with LED lighting over the last several years.  We started using LED lights for under cabinet kitchen lighting over 6 years ago when our company was in the kitchen renovation business. The reaction even in the early years was so positive for so many reasons the decision was made to phase out of the renovation business move full time into the wonderful world of LED lighting.  It has been very exciting to be a part of the development of new products with our manufacturer partners. Several of the products we sell are a direct result of an idea we were able to turn into reality.  LED lighting is all we do and we are always here to help in any way we can.  We want to be your Canadian LED solution.

It should be clear to all of us now that LEDs are not just a passing fad.  It is the lighting we will all live with starting with the integration going on now to the next generation who will not know what an incandescent bulb was. The “Edison” incandescent bulb had a good run, over 100 years.  Now it is time for LED lighting technology to take over.

Many of the early challenges of LED lights are now a thing of the past.  You can now have an LED bulb that is the same colour as your trusty 60W incandescent.  In fact you can have an LED  that will change to whatever colour you want.  From a very warm white to a bright, white cool white. The ability to change colour temperature has solved many problems of how light looks what it reflects in different environments.  We will be covering this in detail in a future post.

Other questions that repeat over and over concern installation of 12C DC low voltage lighting systems.  Getting your pre wiring correct during your renovation is crucial to achieve a neat and easy to install set up. We will also be covering line voltage direct replacement bulbs and helping you to understand how to visualize this new light compared to the hot halogen light you may now have. Can a 9W bulb really replace a 50W bulb.  You bet it can.

Another big concern we have is being sure the products you buy have received the proper electrical certification for sale in Canada.  It is not illegal to sell a non certified bulb but you should have an understanding of where the liability rests should a non certified electrical product fail and do some damage.  There will be more on this.

We are excited to use this medium to share some of the knowledge we have learned with you and hope you will bookmark this site and share it with your friends. Thanks for your visit.

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