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Wi-Fi Smart Switch

WiFi Smart Switch



Convert any light to a Smart light. This universal WiFi Smart Switch works with LEDs, Halogen or Incandescent bulbs. Use the switch as a standard triac dimmer or connect to the Tuya APP for mobile device control. If you are looking for voice control this switch will connect to Alexa or Google Home.

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This WiFi Smart Switch by Teco works with LEDs, Halogen and Incandescent bulbs. Replace any single pole light switch with a smart switch to control your lights. It can be used as a standard wall dimmer or controlled with your mobile device using the Tuya Smart APP.  The APP can be downloaded for free for either iOS or Android. It will connect directly with your WiFi network without needing a hub. Also, the WiFi Smart Switch will communicate with Google Home or Alexa. This gives the added feature of voice control.

Utilizing voice control gives you a safe, hands-free way of controlling your lights. The hands-free feature is more important now than ever.

Please note that to use this switch, there must be neutral wire in the electrical box where it is being installed. If you are unsure of installation, please speak to an electrician before attempting to install the switch.

Input Voltage: 120V – 277V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output:250W LED or 300W Incandescent
Module: Wi-Fi
Dimming: YES, Triac
APP to Control: Tuya Smart (iOS or Android)
Environment: Dry Location Only


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