Sunricher 5-in-1 WiFi/RF Controller

Sunricher 5-in-1 WiFi/RF Controller


A large capacity LED controller for use with any type of LED low voltage lighting. Use with Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT low voltage lighting options. Works with both a smart device via Easy Lighting App (WiFi) and an RF hand-held remote control (link this)

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Sunricher 5-in-1 WiFi/RF Controller

This Sunricher 5-in-1 WiFi/RF Controller is our multi-purpose unit for controlling your LED lights. You can use this controller for single channel dimming, color changing CCT, RGB, RGBW or RGBWW LED lights. With a high capacity of 8 amps per channel, using 12V DC constant voltage, you can power up to 326 watts (at 85% load) of lights. This is perfect for large and small projects. Multiple zones can be created as well; up to four in total. Control the lights and different zones that you create using either the Easy Lighting App on your iOS or Android device, or an RF hand-held remote. Switch seamlessly between the two control options as you wish.

Smoothly dim and tune in the colour tone of any of your installed single colour, CCT or RGB low-voltage lights. It works with different voltage ratings as well, 12-36V DC constant voltage. Zoning allows you to change the lights in one area and not another or to synchronize all areas together.

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Dimensions: 170 x 59 x 29mm (6.69 x 2.32 x 1.14 inches)
Input Voltage: 12V DC to 36V DC
Loadable Current: 8A x 4 Channel
Output Power: 384W at 12V DC, 1152W at 36V DC
Control Method: RF and WiFi
Connection Mode: Common Anode
Radio Frequency: 869.5/916.5/434mhz
Remote Range: 30m
Working Temp: -20C – +50C
IP Rating: IP20


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