Solderless Wire Lead

Solderless Wire Lead

Wire lead for single colour Flex Strip Lights. Easy snap connector eliminates soldering! Available in 8m or 10mm

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Solderless Wire Lead

Need a wire lead on the end of your single colour LED Flex strip lighting? Use this handy Solderless Wire Lead connector to add a lead to your cut pieces of flex strip. Just open the hinged cover, slip the flex under the contact tabs and snap the cover closed. No soldering required and can be removed if required. Be sure to watch your polarity when working with all LED flex strip. Your positive and negative sides of the flex must always line up or the strip will not light.

Available in 8mm or 10mm. The 8mm connector is for use with our standard 3528 flex strip while the 10mm is for our brighter 5050 flex strip.

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Single colour 8mm ( positive and negative) two wire lead
Single colour 10mm (positive and negative ) two wire lead
Wire Lead for each is approx 5 inches long


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