SnapPower SwitchLight

SnapPower SwitchLight


SnapPower SwitchLight is the switch plate that lights your way at night. Whether you need accent lighting to simplify find your light switches at night, the SwitchLight is the perfect solution

The no-battery and no-wiring lighting solutions are designed to simply snap on to existing outlets and light switches and look like standard cover plates.

Three variations to cover all of your needs: Single-pole, double-gang and three-way SwitchLight.



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SnapPower SwitchLight

SnapPower SwitchLight lights your way at night. Whether you need accent lighting to simply find your light switches at night, this switch plate with integrated LED is the perfect solution. Not only does it create a perfect accent light, but it also gives you just enough light to find your way in the dark. Unlike other brands, the SwitchLight can be installed in seconds.

There are likely 3 types of light switches in your home and we have a SwitchLight for all of them. One is single-pole switches. This style of SwitchLight installs over a single light switch receptacle. It works in areas where one light switch controls the overhead lights. These are typically found in bathrooms and small rooms. Double Gang and 3-way switches are also available for more complex areas of lighting.

Have questions? Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll Free at 800-677-2698 or email We are here to help.


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