RGB Splice Connector

RGB Splice Connector


Double sided splice connector for 10mm RGB flexible strip lighting. Makes the perfect connection without any soldering.

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RGB Splice Connector

Our RGB Splice Connector is great for connectinng Flex strips. No need to worry about soldering lead wires to connect flexible RGB LED strips. These easy to use splice connectors take seconds to install and will make the perfect connection every time.

The Splice Connectors easily install without soldering by inserting the strip contacts under the metal tabs in the connector. Snap the hinged cover closed and you are done! If using. With silicone coated RGB flex lights you just peel the silicone off the contacts, clean them and insert into the  connector.

These 10mm RGB connectors are for indoor use only and are not waterproof.

For use with 10MM RGB Flex Lights.

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