Mini LED Dimmer Controller

Mini LED Dimmer Controller

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Add more function to your LED flex by using this small in-line mini controller. It will work with all 3528 and 5050 single colour strips giving you flash, fade, strobe and dimming.

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Mini LED Dimmer Controller

This small inline mini dimmer controller is the ideal accessory for our LED Camping Light. Using this fully functional controller you can control your LED lights by simply connecting the DC barrel connectors to your lights and driver.

We think this controller will give you all the features you need for your single colour LED flex strips allowing your camping light to double as a serious emergency light should you get stuck on the side of the road or in an area where you need to be seen.

This little powerhouse also has modes allowing your lights to strobe, flash, fade in and out and of course dim. There is a memory built into the controller that will remember the setting you left it at after powering down and turning back on.

Button Functions:

  • “MODE” to cycle through 5 modes
  • “Speed / Brightness” to cycle through 5 speeds in your chosen mode
  • “Speed / Brightness” to cycle through 8 brightness levels while in solid light mode
  • “Speed / Brightness” while in solid light mode, hold down the switch to turn ON / OFF
  • “Colour” to get a solid colour

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Working Voltage: 12V DC
Output Power: 12V>72 watts
Size: L42 x 12 x H3mm
Button: 3 keys
Control: Brightness, flashing, fading
Connectore: barrel connectors on each end
Used with single colour LED strips (5050 or 3528)


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