Lutron SCL-153P Skylark Dimmer

Lutron SCL-153P Skylark Dimmer


The Lutron Skylark SCL-153P is on almost all LED manufacturers’ compatibility lists. Available in White finish.

120V line voltage dimmer switch that works with all of our Dimmable LED drivers

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Lutron SCL-153P Skylark Dimmer

The Lutron SCL-153P Skylark Dimmer switch is on almost all LED manufacturers’ compatibility lists. It is a 120V line voltage dimmer switch and works with all of the dimmable LED drivers we carry. The on/off rocker switch design is popular with contractors and designers. It is able to dim Halogen, Incandescent, CFL and LED lights. This flexibility makes it the go-to dimmer for most of the electricians we deal with. Additionally, the Skylark Dimmer features a memory function where switching the power on returns to the last setting or level of brightness.

When using this dimmer for LED lights, you have to set the built-in adjustment lever to set the low dimming range of your LED lights. Setting this correctly eliminates the annoying “flutter” you see on many LEDs when dimming to their lowest point.

We stock only in white finish, but alternative colours are available, on Lutron, to match your design.

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Compatibility: LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs
Voltage: 120 V~ 60 Hz
Max. Wattage: 150 W dimmable LED/CFL, 600 W incandescent/halogen
Environment: indoor use only
Operating Temp.: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C).
Safety Features: Power-failure memory, Captive linear slider, Electrostatic discharge tested, Precise color matching, Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power
Warranty: 1-year
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