Installation Kit for Outdoor Flex

Installation Kit for Outdoor Flex


Silicone brackets and screws for mounting outdoor flex equipped with a silicone sleeve.

These will not be affected by hot or cold weather.

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Installation Kit for Outdoor Flex

Use the Installation Kit for Outdoor Flex to install your outdoor flex strip to any surface of your choice, or if you desire extra security to ensure that your flex strips won’t come off. Additionally, the translucent design of the bracket avoids any obstruction of light from the LED flex strips.

Perfect for rough surfaces (unsanded wood, concrete, etc) and wet surfaces where the 3M adhesive tape on flex strips can’t easily stick to. With our cold Canadian winters, sometimes the adhesive power of the 3M tape is just not enough. This installation kit solves that issue and will not be affected by hot or cold weather. They will secure your outdoor flex strips for many years to come.

Compatible with our Outdoor 5050 LED flex strip, and any 10mm wide flex strip equipped with silicone sleeve.

The kit includes 10 pieces of 10mm wide silicone mounting brackets, and 20 screws.

Have questions or need alternatives? Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We will assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll Free at 800-677-2698 or email We are here to help.

Package includes: 10 x 10mm wide silicone brackets, 20 screws.


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