G4-CB9F Back Pin LED Bulb

9 SMD Back Pin

G4-CB9F Back Pin LED Bulb



Back pin G-4 1.7 watt replacement bulb for RV and Marine use. Low battery drain and very long life.

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G4-CB9F Back Pin LED Bulb

Back pin G4 base variable voltage LED bulb will replace a 15W halogen and only use 1.7 watts. Battery life is always an issue on a boat or RV and replacing your higher wattage halogens with LEDs will cut the watts and cut the amp draw on your battery. The bonus is the LEDs will last 40,000+ hours and have a very low heat output. They are solid-state and contain 9 Triple Chip SMD LEDs. The bulb is epoxy coated and contains no glass that can break.

LEDs: 9 Triple Chip SMD LEDs|
Base: G4 Back Pin
Size: 29 X 6 mm
Light Spread: 145 degree
Wattage: 1.7 watts
Voltage: 11-15V DC
Lumens: 145 lumens
CRI: 80 – 85
Colour Options: Warm White 3000K, Cool White 6000K
Replaces: 15W Halogen
Warranty: 2-year replacement
Environmental: No Mercury, Lead Free, UV Free

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