G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb

G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb

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Less than 2-watt variable voltage replacement bulb for RV and Marine use. Low battery drain and a very long life. 11-15V DC

Available in 3000K warm white, and 6000K cool white

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G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb – 15W Equivalent

This popular G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb replaces a 15W halogen bulb, while using only 1.7 watts. They are solid-state and contain 9 Triple Chip SMD LEDs. This style bulb is often found in RVs or for marine applications. Battery life is always an issue on a boat or RV, and replacing your higher wattage halogens with LEDs will reduce the power consumption and amp draw on your battery. Letting you spend more time travelling and less time worrying about your battery.

These bulbs are available in a comfortable 3000K warm white or 6000K Cool White, producing 275 lumens. With its 50,000 hour lifespan, you will not be replacing these LEDs for quite a while.

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LEDs: 9 Triple Chip SMD LEDs
Base: G4 Side Pin
Size: 29 X 6 mm
Light Spread: 145 degree
Wattage: 1.7 watts
Voltage: 11-15V DC
Lumens: 145 lumens
CRI: 80 – 85
Colour Options: Warm White 3000K, Cool White 6000K
Replaces: 15W Halogen
Warranty: 2-year replacement
Environmental: No Mercury, Lead Free, UV Free

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2 reviews for G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb

  1. Jim Burns

    Costs: 3 lights $46.50
    US Firm: 20 lights $79.00 USD (better lights)
    Shipping: $20.0US Firm: $19.50USD
    ordered the same day and I get them the same Day! You shipped Canada Post and they could not leave them at the door and so I had to drive down and wait in line to get them! We have a drop-off approval with the Canada Post but you shipped with signature required! Very disappointed in cost and shipping.

    Reply from Admin (Harvey)
    We only want satisified customers. We have a 30 day return policy if you would like to send the bulbs back. There are so many bulbs on the market I cannot comment on what you recieved from the states. If you would like to return your purchase we will be glad to refund your payment. Sorry about Canada Post but we do require a signature on everything so we can track delivery for the buyers protection and ours. Thank you for giving us a try and I hope your new bulbs work out well for you.

  2. Peter Fox

    Delivered as promised, had one faulty LED bulb, replaced at no cost to myself, great customer service.

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