54W EiKO HID Replacement Lamp

54W EiKO HID Replacement Lamp


Not sure what color you should pick for your home or commercial space? Our 54W HID Replacement Lamp allow you to switch between 3 different color temperatures to see which color best fits your space. With a simple adjustment, you can have either 3000K soft white, 4000K cool white, or 5000K bright white lighting

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54W EiKO HID Replacement Lamp

This 54W EiKO HID Replacement Lamp is the best energy-saving option on the market today.  You can replace your old HID metal halide, and high-pressure sodium light bulbs to get better lighting, reduced your replacement costs, and save energy at the same time.  We recommend using this in industrial, commercial, post-tops, shoebox fixtures, high bay, and cobra heads.

Product Features:

  • Universal Mounting position
  • Last 3x than metal Halide
  • Field CCT feature allows for multiple “set and forgets” CCT options
  • Plug-and-play external photocell or motion sensor available for additional lighting control; qualifies for DLC 5.1
  • Eliminates maintenance costs for over 10 years; no expensive HID lamps or ballasts to replace
  • Shatter resistant for reduced risk of injury or breakage
  • Integral driver; eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast
  • Environmentally friendly: contains no glass, mercury, or lead
  • Built-in 4kV surge protection

You’ll have years and years of lighting without the need to worry about getting a replacement any time soon. With it’s damp location and enclosed fixture rating, you can use these in any area with full confidence. Make the switch today to energy saving light bulbs which offer zero delay, zero flickering, and zero worries.

Do you have any questions? Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We will assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll-Free at +1 800-677-2698 or email. We are here to help. LED lights Canada has been helping Canadians for over 15 years and we are glad to share our experience with you. Also, check our Instagram account, Like, Follow and Share for more upcoming events, new products and sales.

Power: 54W
Lumens: 7250
Efficacy: 134
Replace HID: 175 MH or 100W HPS
CRI: >80
Beam: Omnidirectional
CCT: 30/40/5000K
Warranty: 5 yrs.

54W EiKO HID Replacement Lamp


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