Flanged Rough-In Plates

Flanged Rough-In Plates


Flange-style rough-in plates with adjustable bars from 14″-24″. Compatible with Lotus 4-inch recessed pot lights. Please refer to the tech specs for the full compatibility list.

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Flanged Rough-In Plates

These metal Flanged Rough-In Plates ensure proper placement of your lights in new construction or renovations that expose the ceiling frame. The flange-style features adjustable bars from 14-25 inches for ease of installation between the joists and the drywall. Additionally, it includes a mounting bracket for the driver box to save you time during installation. A cable strap keeps the connection box cable from any damage when creating the cut-out.

These metal plates ensure the accurate placement of the pot lights. It is easy to cut the perfect size hole using a RotoZip and the metal plate as a guide. During rough-in, the electrician just has to drop the 120V feed through the opening.

If the lights are on-site during rough-in, the connection box that ships with each light can be pre-wired and ready for the panel at the finish. To install, you just have to screw together the low voltage feed from the connection box to the panel and insert it into the plate.

For use with Lotus 4-inch pot lights. Please refer to the tech specs for a full compatibility list.

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