Entrepreneur adds LED Safety Lights to his Ride

Written By Harvey


September 4, 2014

USA Today shared the story about Michael Haas. Michael used to run a Limousine company where he would add LED lights to the vehicle to make it stand out and grab attention. After selling the business he went back to the drawing board to think of a way of how he can add LED Lights to the common car. After half a year of prototypes, testing and designing he has a working demo and plans to release the product later this year. Michael runs a design company now and his LED Lights are safety indicators in the blind spot on the side of a car indicating that a car is signalling to change lanes.

Haas LED Lights on Car

Check out the video on USA Today’s website and see it for yourself: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2014/08/19/michael-haas-led-lights-cars/14291501/


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