Form, Function and Design unite in our Living Colour Table Lamp

Written By Harvey


August 21, 2014

When you see a product that meets the form, function and design criteria you know you have found something special.  Many of you are holding a smartphone or tablet right now that you were attracted to because it achieved all three of these requirements.  LED Lights Canada is very pleased to have partnered up with a LED lighting manufacturer that makes a product that exceeds all expectations of form, function and design.  We would like to introduce you to the Living Colour Light table lamp.

The design of this lamp combines the function of a working desk or bed side light with soothing full spectrum RGB colour.  Each function operates independent of each other giving the user the choice of 3 levels of uniform soft, clean white light using 34 high quality LEDs.  The base of the lamp houses the RGB LEDs that are operated using the touch control colour wheel for setting a static colour or for putting the lights into a very slow and soothing fade through the colour spectrum.  As you can see in the picture above the flexible goose neck allows placement of the light over a wide range.

The lamp is powered by a Canadian certified cETL power adapter designed for exclusive use with this lamp.  In addition to using the AC power adapter we have tested this lamp using our very own rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack and are pleased to report that this lamp will function in full power mode for over 12 hours on one charge.  This gives you the flexibility to place the lamp in any location where you need light or perhaps for use as a reading light in your RV or at the cabin.  As an added benefit the USB port on our battery pack can also be used to charge most cell phones.

The Living Colour Table Lamp is mercury free, produces no UV radiation and uses a highly effective light filter that will help reduce eye fatigue.  Using only 5 Watts to produce 200 lumens the energy costs are 80% less than an equal amount of light produced by a non LED lamp. The quality LEDs long lifespan will give you a beautiful looking lamp that will operate for over 35,000 hours.

You can read more about this exciting new product on our websiteClick here for more pictures, specs and suggested applications for this lamp.

I know we don’t want to think about it now, but Christmas is not that far away and what a great gift this would make.Living Color Light Table Lamp


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