Choosing the right LED Kitchen Lights

Written By Harvey


August 7, 2014

How do you know if you are choosing the right under cabinet LED kitchen lights?  We speak with people every day who are either renovating a kitchen, building a new home or just looking to finally replace the hot, high energy consuming halogen or xenon lights that were installed years ago.  There are many lights to choose so the first question is always…

 “What do you want from your LED under cabinet lighting?

As simple as this sounds there is a good reason for asking this question. Are you looking to fill the dark shadow under the upper cabinets with light while also putting light on your backsplash or is your first concern to get more light on the counter top for better task lighting? This would mean choosing a light that was designed to put light all the way out to the edge of the counter top. When standing at your counter and using a cutting board and knife to prepare your meal you will almost always be standing in your own shadow. Task lighting is putting light in front of you while overhead lighting is most often behind you.

We think that before you can choose the correct light you need to define the application that the light will be used for. When speaking to clients who visit our Edmonton showroom and to those who call us, we find that most are seeking task lighting . Just filling the dark shadows will give you beautiful accent lighting while task lighting will provide better working light.

Another factor to consider when making your decision is how much light do you need under each cabinet?  Many stores sell LED “Kitchen Lighting” but you are usually limited to buying lights manufactured in pre determined sizes. Not every cabinet is 12″, 24″ or 36″. Using a linear light under your cabinets provides an even light spread over both your backslash and your counter top. If there is too much space between the lights you will see a dark space. The goal should be to fill  the entire under cabinet space to achieve even light without any dark spaces. This can be done using our SMD Task lights that are designed to be custom cut to fit any size cabinet.  If you are looking for just accent lighting we would recommend using one of the many styles of flexible strip that can be cut to size when installed. LED Flex strip does not give you as much light as the SMD task light but will certainly fill the shadow space under your upper cabinets with light.

Click on this link to see our selection of under cabinet LED kitchen lighting.  We offer free design service for our Canadian customers.  Fill out the form below and we will be glad contact you to set up a kitchen lighting design consultation.

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