Lights are out, Are you prepared?

Written By Harvey


July 29, 2014

It could be a hot day in the middle of the summer or a frigid night in the middle of winter, you never know when Mother Nature can strike and leave you without power.

A recent study showed that:

52 per of people surveyed feel they are prepared to cope with the adverse effects of severe thunderstorms, 38 per cent feel prepared for flooding and 27 only per cent for hurricanes.

Source: Huffington Post

2014 has already left thousands without power all across the country. Here s a sample of  just a few Canadian weather related stories.   Ice Storm in Ontario, Tropical Storm Arthur in New Brunswick, Flooding out West and Tornadoes throughout the country. You never know what is coming or when.

Interesting Fact:

Did you know that Canada averages 62 Tornadoes a year?

Majority of those Tornadoes take place in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. When Tornadoes strike they often take down power lines leaving thousands without power. When lines are down it often can take days to restore power.

Source:Weather Network

So what can you do to provide light in your home when the power is out?

Traditional options would include: Flashlight or Candles. These are still reliable options but flashlight batteries do not last very long and the open flame of a candle is not safe. We recommend using an Emergency LED Light.

The Emergency LED Light is easy to set up and powered by a Lithium Ion battery that will power the included LED lights for up to 48 hours on a single charge. The battery pack holds charge for months and is equipped with a USB port that will also charge most cell phones.

With many homes forced off the grid in an emergency having backup power for your phone is becoming more important than ever before. Most utility companies post updates on their websites of when power will be restored. By using the charging capabilities of the battery pack you can access this critical information to prepare your home and family accordingly.

The LED linear lights included in the kit are excellent at filling a room with warm light and the output of light can be easily controlled by pairing it up with an inline dimmer.

Where can you get an Emergency LED Light?

LED Lights Canada has stock of this light and many others online or in our showroom located in Edmonton, Alberta. To learn more about the Emergency LED Light, including technical specifications please visit this link: Emergency LED Light Product Page

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