Solar Powered LED Handy Light

Written By Harvey


September 14, 2014


Powered by 6 high brightness LEDs this solar powered rechargeable light is great for use in sheds, gazebos, RVs, boats and anywhere else you need light and cannot easily connect to line voltage power. The light has a nice high quality finish and easily mounts with 2 screws. Just pop off the lens cover to access the screw holes. If you do not want to permanently mount the light it can easily be held in place with Velcro. The 6 HB LEDs will stay lit for over 6 hours on a full charge. If left plugged into the 3W solar panel that placed in daylight you will always have light when you need it. The solar panel comes with 4 – 3M VHB mounting strips which is rated for outdoor use to -40C.  VHB tape will adhere very securely to almost any surface so pick a location for your panel that is in the sun and stick it on. If you use this light for camping or want to keep it portable just put the panel on a picnic table or in front of a window during the day to charge the light. Wherever you use it you will find this light very handy to have around.

This solar powered LED light will make a great gift and can be found in the GREAT GIFTS section on our website along with other unique LED gifts.  Click GREAT GIFTS to have a look.


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