Waterproof Outdoor 2-Pin Connectors

Waterproof Outdoor 2-Pin Connectors


Waterproof connector for outdoor Mono Flex Strip Lights. Easy-to-use connector eliminates soldering!

Ideal for use with our Outdoor 5050 LED Flex strip.

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Waterproof Outdoor 2-Pin Connectors

Need to add a wire lead on the end of your outdoor strip lighting? Use the handy Waterproof Outdoor 2-Pin Connectors with the included 8″ wire lead to add a lead to your cut pieces of flex strip. No soldering required and can be removed if needed. Installing outdoor single colour Flex Strip doesn’t get any easier than this.

Quick and easy install without the use of extra tools or glue. Just plug the 4-pin connector into the one end of the strip and twist the screw-type cap to secure the connection. The waterproof cap also protects the connection from any exposure to moisture.

This Waterproof Connectors create a secure connection without the need for soldering. The connectors come as a pair of male and female ends. Ideal for use with our Outdoor 5050 LED Flex strip.

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Quick and easy solderless connectors for outdoor LED flex strips.

Length: 8″ wire
Flex Type: 2-pin, 2-conductor, Single Colour
Wire: 22 AWG
Package includes a pair of male and female connectors


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