Motion Sensor- IR Button

Motion Sensor- IR Button


LED lights connected to this IR Button Motion Sensor can be waved on and off. Control your lights without a single touch of a switch. Recesses into a 10mm cut-out and is very inconspicuous. Perfect for cabinets, cupboards, closets or pantries where you need just a bit more light to see your belongings.

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Motion Sensor- IR Button

Turn on your lights with a simple wave of your hand

This small button-style motion sensor turns low-voltage lights on and off with a quick wave of your hand. The sensor has a 15 mm diameter surface that can be recessed in a 10 mm cut-out. The sensor is only 10 mm deep so this low profile piece can go just about anywhere. It can be completely hidden from sight or inconspicuously placed for everyday use. Designed to work within a 12 or 24 V DC system with activation is 3-4 inches.

Please note that the maximum capacity is 30 watts within a 12 V DC system, and 60 watts within a 24 V DC system.

A quick and easy way to “set your lights in motion”

Easy to install and connect
Very small and discreet
Perfect for places with limited space

Input: 12-24V DC
Output: 12-24V DC
Max Current: 2.5 A
Max Load: 12V, 30 watts: 24V, 60 watts
Cut-out: 10 mm
Depth: 10 mm
Sensor Diameter: 15 mm
Range of Induction: 3-4 inches


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