4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Light

4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Light

These versatile 8W 4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Lights can be mounted in an existing pot can via the Multi-Fit Retrofit Kit, or to a standard octagon box via the mounting holes. This fixture is fire-rated when mounted to a fire-rated octagon box. Quick and easy to install.

Includes interchangeable white magnetic trim. Click here to order alternative trim colours.

Available in 3000K Warm White, and 4000K Natural White.

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4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Light

Mount this 8W 4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Light to a compatible 4-inch pot light can (via butterfly clips), or to a standard octagon box (via the mounting holes).  Available in 3000K Warm White, and 4000K Natural White.

Three easy steps to mount this fixture to a standard octagon junction box. First, use the included quick connectors to wire your line voltage to the colour-coded wires leading into the transformer on the back of the light. When that is complete, screw the light panel into place on the octagon box thru the mounting holes. To finish, attach the magnetic trim against the fixture. Can you imagine how easy replacing one of your existing lights could be after hearing this?

The Multi-Fit Retrofit Kit is required when installing in an existing pot light can. Installation is quick and easy. Attach the butterfly clips to the light engine. Screw the E26 base to the socket in the housing. Secure the black and white wires to the quick connector, and the ground wire to the metal housing. Next, connect the quick connectors together, and squeeze the butterfly clips and install the light engine to the pot light can. Finally, attach the magnetic trim to the fixture and you’re done.

The 4-inch Multi-Fit Pot Light is rated for 50,000 hours. Suitable for wet locations. 50W equivalent, while only using 8W of energy. This option will reduce your consumption and bills, all while adding a streamlined appearance to your ceiling.

The package includes a magnetic White trim. Click here for the Black or Brushed Nickel magnetic trim.

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Power: 8W
Ambient Temperature: -20 to +40C
Isolated LED Driver built into the light panel
Colour Temperature: 3000K Warm White, 4000K Natural White
Lumen Output: 3000K: 530 lumens, Natural White: 560 lumens
Trim Colour: White
Equivalence: 50W Halogen
Warranty: 5 Years
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

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