Light Up Your Next Outdoor Adventure with Portable LED Camping Lights!

Written By Harvey


July 10, 2014

Summer’s here and camping is in the air!

It’s time to stock up on the sunscreen and hit the open road with a car full of family, friends, and a trunkful of camping gear. Here’s to long weekends, summer nights, swimming, fishing, and a front-row seat at the beach – and we can’t get there fast enough. After all, who doesn’t love kicking back, relaxing outside on a gorgeous day or sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows?

Problem: Every outdoor adventure promises to be a memorable experience that brings us a little closer to nature. But being this close to nature means leaving some amenities behind. So when the sun eventually goes down and the campfire starts to burn out, we need a light to find our way around. How many times do we have to stumble around in the dark, tripping over tent poles, trying to find something with only a flashlight to guide us?

Solution: LED camping lights. Great for playing card games inside the trailer on a rainy day, reading in the tent, or staying up all night talking outside the RV with friends. These portable LED lights let you bring the party inside and make it easy to find your way around at night.  Designed to be a companion product for the Li-Ion battery pack, this strip will run at full brightness for 4 hours on a fully charged battery. If you add the inline dimming controller you can dim to half brightness and extend the run time to up to 9 hours. You can have glorious LED light in a cozy 3000K warm white or in 6000K cool white even out in the middle of nowhere and the battery pack doubles as a phone charger.

So why leave every amenity behind? These portable lights attach to any tent, RV, or camper and when camping season’s over you can reuse them indoors or in your shed or garage. Our LED Camping lights are safe, waterproof and versatile, they mount easily to a variety of surfaces (with mounting hooks and velcro-strips), and can be re-used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of purposes. Super bright 5050 LED SMDs make it an excellent emergency and/or utility light, and it can be a handy portable lighting solution for garages, sheds, closets, patios, workshops, or small rooms.

Let the adventure begin (just don’t leave home without your LED camping lights!)

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