Are LED lights really the lighting of the future??

Written By Harvey


June 11, 2014

The simple answer is YES.  There has been a lot of speculation about LED lights over the last few years but as consumers voiced their early concerns the LED manufacturers stepped up, made the changes and provided us with some very good and innovative products.
One of the fastest growing segments for LED lights is as a replacement for traditional recessed pot lights. Typical recessed lights use a metal housing to hold the bulb and trim. These housing “cans” can be up to 9 inches deep which makes placement of the lights limited to the open space between the ceiling joists. Added to this limitation is the pitch of the roof which can limit where a pot light can be installed because the housing will not fit.

LED Flat Panel Light What if you could place your lights exactly where you want them without the worry of having clearance for the pot light can?    How about that basement you want to renovate and finding  yourself having to deal with heating ducts, plumbing pipes and all the other obstructions in a typical basement ceiling. What if there was a LED panel light that is only ½ inch thick and can be put anywhere so you have no limitations on placing them where you want them?  We are very excited to offer both a 4 inch and 6 inch version of a flat round panel light that fits almost anywhere and produces a bright, smooth dimmable light that does not require traditional pot light housings. Using only 9 watts or 12 watts these panel lights will be lighting your home while saving up to 80% on your hydro costs. This is the reason many Canadian contractors, electricians, builders and architects are “trashing the can in 2014″  and using an LED panel light.

Click here for all the details and specifications so you too can trash the can in 2014.  You will not be sorry you did.


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