Circadian Lighting

Circadian Clock

Written By Harvey


September 10, 2015

I came across a really interesting video about circadian lighting using LEDs. Lots of studies going on about the use of light in the workplace and schools. One of the great things about LED lights is the ability to provide different light colours and it is fascinating how we react to different colours of light.  We know that light reflects very differently off of different surfaces and now know the colour also has an effect on us as well.  Our CCT (colour changing temperature) LED kitchen lights are very popular so you can get the right look with your kitchen colours and now there is yet another reason to consider how these lights will enhance your comfort.

Thank you to LUX Reviews for the great work you do to keep us all informed on the quick changing world of LED lighting. For those of us who have been involved in the world of LED lighting for years it is very exciting to have watched the juncture of LED technology and science. So many things in our environment effect the way we live and how we react to different stimulus. I think the Circadian Lighting experiment will show us yet another glimpse into our future.

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