The Growth and Use of Intelligent Lighting Controls

Written By Harvey


April 12, 2014

Heather Clancy wrote a very good article in Forbes magazine about the growth and use of intelligent lighting controls for commercial buildings. Automation of your lights is not just for commercial buildings anymore. As the prices continue to decline the adaption of automation for home use is increasing. LED lighting has become a big part of the success of these automated systems.
Here is an excerpt from Heather’s article.

“Falling LED prices are driving up adoption rates of LED lamps, which in turn will drive up the adoption of lighting controls. The semiconductor nature of LEDs makes them inherently controllable, with better dimmability, easy integration of controls with drivers, and instantaneous setup. In fact, many LED lamps are being sold with built-in controllability, whether or not there are plans to make use of the control.”

The full article can be read here


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