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Create excellent lighting ambiance with LED Dimmers & LED RGB(W), Controllers

There are many options to control your LED lights. Single colour lights are dimmed using a 12V dimming controller or by powering the lights with a dimmable LED Driver. Using a dimmable driver will allow you to dim your lights from a standard Triarc wall dimmer.  We recommend the Lutron model DVCL153P, but the drivers will work with many others as well.

When you use colour changing lights, everything is controlled on the low voltage side using a CCT, RGB or an RGBW controller. There are many options to choose from when deciding on how to manage your lights. You can select RF remote controls, WiFi or Bluetooth.  The WiFi and Bluetooth use a phone all for control. Some controllers will allow the use of both an app and an RF remote. These controllers are powered with a non-dimmable driver as the dimming is a function of the controller, not the wall switch.

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