Ready for Winter?

Winter is Here

Written By Harvey


November 19, 2017

Roadside safety could not be more important at this time of year.  We Canadians know the drill.  Say goodbye to patio season.  Wake up to cold morning darkness.  Fight to get your winter tires on before the first snowfall. Despite the beautiful yellow-orange hues, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the cozy wool sweaters that fall brings, Autumn also serves as a reminder that winter is drawing close.  With the inevitable approaching, it is beneficial to prepare ahead of time for Canada’s harshest season.  Do not get stranded in the cold waiting for hours after calling for roadside assistance to jump your dead battery. Click here to see a new battery car jumper that serves as a car jumperemergency flashlight and a phone charger.  This blog post will highlight not only this product but other key cautionary items to keep you safe on the road this winter.

Driving in snow

Roadside Safety Must Haves For Your Trunk

For your safety, the following items should be in your vehicle as the transition starts from crisp fall days into chilly winter nights.

-Car Jumper

This is especially helpful if you have an older battery that works fine in the summer but often will struggle in cold winter temperatures .  There are several different stand-alone technologies Portable Battery Car Jumpernow that will boost your car.  A Multi function car jumper and phone charger are great to have on hand in the off chance that you need it.  The model we carry is incredibly simple to use.  It is as straightforward as connecting the included jumper cables to your battery and starting the ignition.  The reverse polarity protection, and the visible and audible indicators prevent any connection errors from occurring.

Image result for mylar blanket snow


Winter and summer there should always be a blanket in your trunk. A suggestion here is a Mylar Blanket.  They can serve as a heat barrier during hot months as well as extra warmth during the colder months. Mylar blankets are packed in a small bag and when used can reflect back 90% of  your body heat. Mylar Blankets are available anywhere camping and sporting supplies are sold.

-Flash light

This is an important one, flashlights can be life savers.  As amazing as technology is today, we all know it is not 100% reliable. In the case of an emergency, you should have a battery powered light source.  The Powerlite Pro will provide you with a strong flashlight and will also work as an emergency light to provide safety should you get stuck on the road.  On a full charge you can get up to 30 hours of light from the Powerlite Pro.

Image result for candle in car


A few candles combined  with common household items can provide an emergency heat source.  In the event of power loss or battery failure, this can be quite useful.  Find yourself a metal coffee tin, a few candles, and some

matches and store them in your vehicle this winter to act as a backup heat supply. It is simple, inexpensive, and highly effective. Keep matches and candles in separate plastic bags so they stay dry and always be careful with any open flame. And finally,

Image result for small shovel for car


A car stuck in the snow is not fun.  Less fun is having to use your hands to shovel yourself out of a snowy parking spot. Keep a small shovel in your car and you will be thankful, even if it only gets one use.

The roadside safety list could go on and on as there is no end to how prepared you can be.  However, rest assured that you will be well equipped for the cold season by having these five items in your vehicle.  Taking some time now to prepare could prove extremely valuable in the future.  Stock up on these items to help allow your winter to run smoothly.  The hope is that you will never have to use them!

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